Working from Home

Working from home is the usual for me, but that doesn’t mean I do it perfectly. I know a lot of us are adjusting to this schedule still and juggling all the things.

My biggest struggle has always been sticking to set working hours, instead of being always on and available. I am usually tempted to keep my computer open and notifications pinging in order to feel like I can’t possibly miss anything. Something I have tried over the past few weeks has been sticking to “set work hours” and then turning OFF my computer 🙀yes sometimes I forget my computer even has a “power off” button.

Even though I take an occasional peak at the notification or email that comes in through my phone after hours, clearing mental space for myself outside of working hours has been crucial to being able to bring 100% of my energy to the next work day.

If you’re working from home, and struggling with setting boundaries around your personal life, schedule your work hours into your calendar. Another little trick I have used is to set my computer to automatically shut down at the end of my workday. This way, if I am turning a blind eye to my calendar, I get a pop up on my computer that says, “Shutting down in 60 seconds”. This has helped me to wrap things up, and start my evening ~without~ my computer. .