what i’m in business for…


I’m in business to create something very specific in my life: Freedom.

Freedom of time, financial freedom, deciding who I work with and what I create. I have the freedom to change my offers, my work style, pivot my business, & spend my days in alignment with my priorities.

This is something I did not have in the corporate marketing agency world. Going through the experience of working the “normal 9-5” job has made me so so appreciative for the freedom I have today in my business.

Since 2013, I have worked as a graphic designer, website designer, developer, and overall creative. When I graduated from college with my Visual Communications degree, I loved working in the fast paced environment of a digital marketing agency and creating brands and websites that truly connected with their audience.

After leaving the agency world in 2016, started freelancing and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing organizations both big and small. My favorite projects consistently have been working with solopreneurs and small business owners. Nothing is more rewarding to me helping my clients grow their businesses, and in turn creating more freedom in their own lives.

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here’s what i want for you…

I believe in working with clients you LOVE.

(not just anyone who will pay the bills)

I want you to…

  • Be able to attract the right clients for your business
  • …and enough of them that you aren’t working with people who aren’t quite the right fit for your work
  • Feel excited about the work you are doing, and feel totally in alignment with what you’re selling to the world
  • Be UN-stressed about marketing, because we’ve made a plan
  • Love sending people to your website, because you are certain they are going to have a great experience there
  • Know your brand has your back, and it’s doing the heavy lifting for you of calling in the right people

Sound good to you? We should talk.

now for the fun facts…


I have two crazy but lovable huskies. Keeps things chaotic & fun in my house everyday!


I make myself a pour over each morning, but it takes me HOURS to drink it (it always goes into a thermos so it stays warm)


My Dyson vacuum, who I consider a valued member of my team simply because I cannot keep up with the husky shed without it.


Trail running, cycling or swimming in prep for my next race! I’ve got an ultra run and IronMan under my belt, so I’m on the lookout for my next adventure. Can we be Strava friends?