Sweet Pups is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based gourmet dog treat company that creates the perfect treats for the pups in your life. 

You can order different flavors of cookies (peanut butter, carob chip, oats & honey, and more) and even send a gift box of cookies to your furry friends & family.

For this project, I created a complete brand identity — with a new logo and color scheme to represent this fun filled business.

Then, I designed and created a website that makes ordering online easy to do, and showcases different aspects of the business outside of the product shop.

Some of these aspects are a page centered around supporting a local Grand Rapids, Michigan rescue called “Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue” (learn more about them on the “Support” page). We also created pages for local events that Sweet Pups attends, testimonial pages, and a page to showcase the “Gift Box” product.

Alicia, the founder of Sweet Pups, was wonderful to work with, and I can tell this business lights her up & is so much fun for her!




Jordan Gresham, of JKG Photography, captures your wedding day with a timeless, and elegant feel. He takes care of all the behind-the-scenes details that create captivating and memorable wedding photos.

Besides wedding photography, JKG Photography also provides engagement sessions, elopement and micro-wedding photography, brand photography, headshots, and senior portraits. If an engagement or wedding is in the cards for 2022/23, you should absolutely reach out to Jordan to plan your photoshoot.

For Jordan’s website, JordanGresham.com we focused on showcasing Jordan’s skill and expertise when it comes to wedding photography. Photography isn’t only an art, it’s also a science and Jordan has it down to a tee. His clients appreciate how detail-oriented he is, his level of professionalism, and know that they are in good hands when he takes their wedding day photos.

Jordan is also great at educating his clients about how to prepare for their photoshoots – from his podcast with helpful wedding planning advice, to his downloadable guides on “What to Wear to Your Photoshoot” Jordan’s approach to photography is wholistic and goes beyond just the ‘day of’ prep work.

We also took a strategic approach to marketing and SEO for this website, and made sure that his services pages were both helpful for his potential clients, and provided them value through downloads and informative blogs, while at the same time making his website easy to find for potential clients who are looking for a photographer in St. Louis.

You can check out the JKG Photography website at: https://jordangresham.com/




Paula is a healing arts practitioner who blends cutting-edge scientific advancements with ancient spiritual wisdom. For Paula’s brand, we wanted a logo that felt down to earth and calming. Paula works with her clients in a multi-dimensional approach, and works best with those who are interested in how consciousness and embodiment impacts our physiological and psychological blueprint for health. Paula offers individual session and workshops. 

Paula has over two decades of experience in the facilitation of embodiment, and her work traverses the complexity of the human experience through psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic pathways so that her clients can reconnect to the deeper wisdom of who they truly are.

For Paula’s website, we focused on providing detailed information on various methods she uses, including — Polyvagal theory, Biofield Science, Safe Sound Protocol and more. We also created a detailed resource library page with many recommendations that she and her clients find helpful.




Katharine Knapp is a coach and psychotherapist who integrates Somatic Experiencing and creative methods into her work with her clients. Katharine helps her clients navigate the transitions of life – in their career or personal life. She helps spark curiosity, and uncover the parts of ourselves that need to be explored more fully. She works especially with those who are ready to experience the next level of their relationship with theirselves.

Katharine’s has been recognized throughout her career for her outstanding work with clients of all kinds. She offers coaching, counseling, retreats, Safe & Sound Protocol programs, meditations, and practitioner training.

Her retreats are held in Earlysville, Virginia. These retreats are all customized to the individual and can follow individual goals, focus on practitioner support, deep dive intensive, sabbath keeping, or spiritual direction.



Maria teaches women how to lose weight sustainably & achieve optimal health through her “Nutrition & Health Mindset” coaching program. She’s a certified nutrition coach, who focuses on mindset, nutrition education, and creating habits that get you real long-term results (not just a quick fix that won’t last).

She has been on her own incredible personal journey of overcoming her own mindset struggles around nutrition brought on by fitness competitions, and learning how to listen to her body to truly be in a place of optimal health.

To start Maria’s project, we created a new logo and brand to help her stand out to the right clients.

For the new website (BearsonFit.com), we designed each page strategically to help potential clients learn more about her program, have the opportunity to download free resources, or learn more through her blog.

Behind the scenes — we also redesigned Maria’s sales touch points through the website as well as her client intake forms and templates that she uses during her program, to create a seamless and well branded experience for her clients.

This has been an incredibly fun project to bring to life, Maria has been wonderful to work with, and I’m so excited to see her reach more clients & help women transform their health!




I am so thrilled for Katie and the launch of her website for her photography business “Love; Photography”
Katie is a West Michigan photographer who specializes in weddings, boudoir photography, and lifestyle sessions (families, kids, couples, graduation, maternity & more).
One thing I love about Katie’s photography style, is that she can work with her clients for years as their families grow – from the engagement and wedding, to boudoir, maternity, and year-after-year family photos.
I can not say enough good things about how great Katie was to work with during this project. I can see how much passion she has for her clients and capturing just the right moments & how much experience and skill she brings to her clients. (and her clients love her too, check out her lengthy Testimonials page!!)
For her website — we focused on capturing her brand and personality, showcasing her work, & creating individual service pages to help people find the services that fit their needs for their current stage of life.



Danielle is a master of numbers and keeping her client’s finances organized. She takes the time to understand her clients businesses, their goals, and gives them peace of mind knowing that their finances are done correctly, and are up to date all year long (sounds amazing, right? NO headache at tax season!)

Her website was due for a refresh that showcases her services: bookkeeping services, virtual CFO services, and tax preparation in a way that speaks clearly to her ideal clients’ needs.

I worked with Danielle to create a new logo for Simple Balanced Bookkeeping, and one that helped incorporate both her name & tagline: Simple Balanced Bookkeeping with Danielle O’Connor, The CEO’s Ally

For her new website, we focused on creating services pages that speak to each of her offers and types of clients, as well as a focus on serving her clients better — with a series of informative “Resources” page, and even two downloadable workbooks.



Jaci Wilson is a running and nutrition coach whose coaching philosophy is all about embracing everything running is (not just the perfect parts), and gives newbies and seasoned runners the tools and community they need to fuel their bodies properly, increase their strength, & reach their goals. What I notice about the women who work with Jaci, is that it’s not JUST the running that improves, it is apparent that ALL parts of their lives improve and grow as they learn to prioritize their health first.

We created Jaci’s brand colors to match her fun and “full of joy” personality. You can tell from every page of her website that she was meant to be a coach. Her website is a one stop shop for her followers so they can see exactly how she can help them, what bootcamps & programs are available for sign up, and how she can encourage them along on their fitness journey. She also has a blog with tons of great content about nutrition, recipes, her favorite products, personal growth, coaching, & more. I am so excited to see Jaci take on the next level of growth in her business & watch her impact women everywhere! You can follow her on Instagram here: @jaci.wilson.runs

View Website



Launching a new website for my clients is always so fulfilling, especially when they are as inspirational as this one – working with Rahaf Khatib has been such a fun journey!

Rahaf is a mom of three, and has run 11 marathons and 20 half marathons. She has an incredible heart, and is the first hijabi to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine (Women’s Running Magazine October 2016 issue). She has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Runners World, People, and many more news outlets for her successful fundraising campaigns. She has raised $16,000 for refugees and $6,000 for brain cancer research in the past few years. Rahaf uses her platform to empower her community through advocating for healthy living, to dispel stereotypes, and shine positive light on Muslim Americans. She also works to support refugees and raise awareness for important global causes through her fundraising.

Our main goals for her new website were to highlight all of her media coverage and fundraising efforts so that she can continue to partner with brands, and support her mission around the globe. Follow her incredible journey on Instagram here: @runlikeahijabi



Cherie’s business is “Oh Cherie!” and she is an intuitive holistic wellness coach who partners with women to co-create the life they desire. Through her holistic approach, women learn how to harness the power of their mind, body and spirit.

We worked together over the past few weeks to create a website that helps her clients understand her work and her experience, and her philosophy on life.

You can view her new website at oh-cherie.com and follow her at @cherienikosey



Meika Lacey is a fitness coach, personal trainer, and health influencer. She does a great job of attracting clients through her Instagram account, but was looking for a way to level up her personal branding to be more recognizable, memorable, and have a brand that matches her level of expertise.

Everyday Meika helps her clients build a sustainable healthy lifestyle to reach their fitness goals. She is killing it in the gym, & her clients are getting great results working with her! I love helping coaches become more attractive to their ideal clients by designing and creating their own personal branding.

Follow Meika Lacey on Instagram here: @MeikaLacey

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