Jaci Wilson is a running and nutrition coach whose coaching philosophy is all about embracing everything running is (not just the perfect parts), and gives newbies and seasoned runners the tools and community they need to fuel their bodies properly, increase their strength, & reach their goals. What I notice about the women who work with Jaci, is that it’s not JUST the running that improves, it is apparent that ALL parts of their lives improve and grow as they learn to prioritize their health first.

We created Jaci’s brand colors to match her fun and “full of joy” personality. You can tell from every page of her website that she was meant to be a coach. Her website is a one stop shop for her followers so they can see exactly how she can help them, what bootcamps & programs are available for sign up, and how she can encourage them along on their fitness journey. She also has a blog with tons of great content about nutrition, recipes, her favorite products, personal growth, coaching, & more. I am so excited to see Jaci take on the next level of growth in her business & watch her impact women everywhere! You can follow her on Instagram here: @jaci.wilson.runs

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Launching a new website for my clients is always so fulfilling, especially when they are as inspirational as this one – working with Rahaf Khatib has been such a fun journey!

Rahaf is a mom of three, and has run 11 marathons and 20 half marathons. She has an incredible heart, and is the first hijabi to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine (Women’s Running Magazine October 2016 issue). She has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Runners World, People, and many more news outlets for her successful fundraising campaigns. She has raised $16,000 for refugees and $6,000 for brain cancer research in the past few years. Rahaf uses her platform to empower her community through advocating for healthy living, to dispel stereotypes, and shine positive light on Muslim Americans. She also works to support refugees and raise awareness for important global causes through her fundraising.

Our main goals for her new website were to highlight all of her media coverage and fundraising efforts so that she can continue to partner with brands, and support her mission around the globe. Follow her incredible journey on Instagram here: @runlikeahijabi


Meika Lacey is a fitness coach, personal trainer, and health influencer. She does a great job of attracting clients through her Instagram account, but was looking for a way to level up her personal branding to be more recognizable, memorable, and have a brand that matches her level of expertise.

Everyday Meika helps her clients build a sustainable healthy lifestyle to reach their fitness goals. She is killing it in the gym, & her clients are getting great results working with her! I love helping coaches become more attractive to their ideal clients by designing and creating their own personal branding.

Follow Meika Lacey on Instagram here: @MeikaLacey

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