Are you ready to be known as the ‘go-to’ coach or entrepreneur in your niche, & attract the attention of your dream clients?

(without relying solely on Instagram & Facebook for everything?)

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Are you ready to be known as the ‘go-to’ coach or entrepreneur in your niche, & attract the attention of your dream clients?

(without relying solely on Instagram & Facebook for everything?)

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to reach the next level of success, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options for creating a website.
  • You have wasted time and money in generic DIY website builders, and are discouraged at how much work this adds to your plate.
  • You’ve been pouring all your energy into creating incredible results for your clients, and the last thing you want to do is take your time and energy away from them.
  • You have an amazing program built for the clients you love working with, but are having trouble getting them all the details, answering too many questions in DM’s, and only putting information in social media posts and generic, bland, form pages.
  • In a sea of online coaches and entrepreneurs you are ready to stand out as the expert coach you are, and get more eyes on your credentials, expertise, and results.

Bottom line, you need more clients – and not just *any* clients, but the clients you can truly help. The ones you enjoy working with the most. The ones who take your programs seriously and put in the work. The ones who get phenomenal results working with you and become your biggest fans.

Your dream clients.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have a website that truly captures the attention of your dream clients?

  • Confidently send clients to your website knowing that they are about to have a digital experience that perfectly shows your professional expertise and your client results.

  • Expand your revenue potential past social media followers and referrals.

  • Reliably grow your email list, while providing value to your website visitors and future clients.

  • Consistently connect and attract the right clients, without having to hunt them down in DM’s on social media.

  • Never again say, “Oh, just go to my Instagram” when an interested client asks for your website information.

  • Make it easy for your clients to say YES and work with you right away.



My multi-step sales-psychology based website creation process was created so you can attract the attention of the best clients for your business. This process is much more than your typical website design, we dive deep into your business to understand your brand values to create an exceptional experience for your clients that makes them feel right at home on your website.

What makes “The Dream Client Attraction Website Package” different?

During our time together, we will focus exclusively on who your dream clients are, your main offers, and how you help. I not only design a beautiful (and highly functional!) website that embodies YOU and your brand values, but my process also leverages my multi-step, sales-psychology based website creation process. You can jump into the details below.

By the end of our time together, you will have an expertly designed and strategically built website.

  • A website that showcases you as the ‘go-to’ coach or entrepreneur in your niche

  • A website that is designed to attract and provide value to your ideal clients

  • A website that makes it easy for high quality leads to learn about your offers, services, & work with you

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The Process

To start, you & I sit down over a Zoom call, with a nice cup of coffee and get to work gaining clarity on who we’re attracting and how you help your dream client. This will lay the foundation of our website plan moving forward.

All of the techy, but needed, items like your site map, SEO keywords, and content mapping are done in this process. I love sorting out all of these details and really getting specific about what you need.

A brand is more than just colors and fonts. It’s an experience for your client, and we want them to feel right at home when they visit your website. Now that our strategy is well informed – I take our goals and translate them into the visual assets of a brand: colors, fonts, & mood boards to evoke the feelings of connection to attract your dream clients. We will use these to make the look & feel of your website.

Unlike other programs where you’re asked to submit your content by a certain date without any guidance, in this program, I will equip you with everything you need to confidently create content that aligns with your brand and converts well. I will take what we’ve talked through in our Client Clarity Workshop and create the content that your website needs in a master content document, so that your website has strategically created content for each page without you having to sit down and write it all yourself. I create content in a way that is focused on attracting your ideal client, asking them to take action (like book a discovery call or schedule a session), and is written in a way that’s in alignment with search-engine-optimization best practices.

Your website will be designed based on our client clarity workshop, site strategy, and brand design results. We will go beyond just the typical ‘About Me’, ‘Contact’, and ‘Services’ pages – and highlight your services through strategically created sales and service pages. We will also focus on making your website lead magnet so that you can grow your email marketing and have a continually growing list of interested clients.
Your website will be mobile friendly, made to work across all device sizes and current browsers. Your site will be built in alignment with search engine best practices, and created with the most up to date technical recommendations. All websites are developed in WordPress. I offer managed hosting services, or you can host your website where you choose.

The most important part of creating a highly functional website, is that you are able to make updates to content and photos easily on your own, whenever you want to (or if outsourcing this is more your style – I can set you up with a maintenance plan). With every site that I create, you are able to easily login to the backend of your website and make updates in an intuitive interface. I also include a template of the page that you will reuse most (such as a service offering or landing page), so that you can easily create a new sales pages for new program launches.

After your new website goes live, I don’t just disappear. What kind of help would I be if I gave you an amazing tool, but simply handed the completed product to you and disappeared? No, that is not how I go about things. I want you to actually succeed. After your new website goes live, I will get you started on my easy-to-implement 5 day challenge to bring visitors to your new website, so you can be sure that your new website is getting all the attention you deserve.

After your website goes live, I offer ongoing maintenance plans to help you keep your website up to date and content fresh. If you are wanting to move “website updates” off your plate, this is perfect for you. I also offer ‘as needed’ updates and edits for my clients that want to add something new to their site or make changes to launch a new program or service.

What’s Included

  • Custom designed website tailored to your business needs

  • 10 – 15 page fully customized WordPress website

  • Fully functional blog that is easy for you to update
  • Website content writing editable template that is customized based on what you need, with training guidance from me

  • SEO best practices built into each page of the website

  • Mobile and tablet responsive + browser tested

  • Forms on pages (such as services pages, programs, contact page, etc.)
  • Content templates & content coaching

  • After the website launch date, I provide hosting services if desired

  • Need something more? I offer customized packages (such as digital stores, e-commerce, advanced functionality needs, third party integrations, and more) to meet your needs. If this sounds like what your business needs, let’s talk it through.


Are you ready to grow your business with a standout brand & website to attract your dream clients?

We’ll work together to get the website of your dreams launched soon, so that you can attract your dream clients. Ready to get started on your website? Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me, and over the phone I’ll answer all of your questions and make sure we are a good fit for each other. On that call, we will schedule your project timeline, and go over all the details. From there, I’ll be sending you an email with all the written details and what to expect to prepare for your project. I can’t wait to help you grow your business!

Investment for the Dream Client Attraction Package is $3997

(available in 3 monthly payments of $1332)

Ready to talk through the details & see how a website can benefit your business?

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Meet Carly Antor

Hi there, I’m Carly and after spending the past six years in marketing agencies and freelancing, I have seen exactly what works (and what doesn’t) for creating websites that attract the right clients and bring in leads, so that you are consistently able to work with your dream clients in your business. I am SO looking forward to getting to know you during our time together in The Dream Client Attraction Website Package. I love helping coaches and entrepreneurs grow their businesses & can’t wait to see where you go from here!

Let’s Work Together

The ‘Dream Client Attraction Website Package’ is PERFECT for you if…

  • You are a coach that provides a transformative experience for your clients, such as a mindset coach, business/strategy/marketing coach, life coach, or service based entrepreneur.

  • You are a health coach (fitness coach, running coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga teacher, bikini competition coach, triathlon coach, holistic health coach, Beachbody coach, etc.)
  • You are ready to expand your business past just social media presence and client referrals to expand your network of potential clients and attract the right people

  • If you’ve been running your business with just links to Google Forms (or JotForms), you know that it’s time to grow to the next level of customer attraction and lead generation with a website to grow your business potential

  • You have been in business at least a few months and know what services/packages you are offering to your clients

  • You are ready for a new website, or to redo your existing website if it’s no longer serving your business the way you’d like it to

  • You want to hone in on working with your ideal clients, and not work with just anyone and everyone
  • You want your brand and website to attract the RIGHT clients for your business, and not just anyone and everyone

Yep, that’s me! I want in

What other clients have asked before signing up for The Dream Client Attraction Website Package

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Generally speaking, the entire project timeline is about 4-6 weeks. However, each project is custom so depending on what you need the project may be longer or shorter. We will discuss the timeline at the beginning of the project, so you will have a clear idea of timing.

I know you are busy serving your own clients, and I respect that. After our initial discovery call and schedule booking, I will send over the schedule for our project, and we will work together to ensure the schedule works for us both. We will start the project with a 1-2 hour Client Clarity Workshop which will give me the majority of the information I need to move confidently through to the next phases. Content creation will be a collaborative process where after our initial call, I will send over a template to guide you through the content needed, and you will be able to fill out that template for the website. We will schedule a few efficient meetings for reviewing designs throughout our time together.

If you already have a website, but you are ready to completely rebrand with a new design and client attracting website – yes, I can help you. If you have a site that is not WordPress (such as Wix or Squarespace), and you want me to fix parts of it, or just update just a few things, I am not going to be a good fit for you. My clients see the best results when we build a complete solution together. For my current clients, I offer ongoing maintenance services after their website is launched.

It is of utmost importance to me that we are a good fit for each other. That goes both ways – I want to make sure you are a good fit for me, and that I am a good fit for you. A discovery call allows us both the time to get to know one another. Again — I want to be able to know you, your dream clients, and services intimately well. I focus on clients who I can truly help and make a difference in their business.

A website domain is the URL, or address that your website appears on (example: for my website, the domain is If you already have a domain purchased through GoDaddy, or a similar services, we can definitely use what you have. If you do not have a website domain purchased, I can purchase this for you and expense through the cost to you. Usually the cost for a domain is around ~$20 or so per year.

I build your website on a customized WordPress website. I have been a WordPress designer / developer in the corporate world since 2014, and find that it is one of the most reliable and customizable platforms available – and, it’s easy for you to edit your content, post blogs, and make updates as well.

If you need something more – like a digital product store, e-commerce, third-party integrations, or specific customized functionality – reach out to me in through my contact page and we will talk through it.

After your website goes live, I can host the website for you at a monthly cost through my server with WP Engine. WP Engine is the most reliable platform I have found for hosting WordPress sites — and offers security features, excellent customer service, backups, plugin updates, and more. If you wish to host the website somewhere else on your own, you are welcome to, but I will need to know that before we begin the project (to ensure that the transfer process at the time of go-live is smooth).

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Ready to start attracting the attention of more dream clients?

Ready to get started on your website? Schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me, and over the phone I’ll answer all of your questions and make sure we are a good fit for each other. On that call, we will schedule your project timeline, and go over all the details. From there, I’ll be sending you an email with all the written details and what to expect to prepare for your project. I can’t wait to help you grow your business!

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