Paula Scatoloni,
Healing Practitioner


Paula is a healing arts practitioner who blends cutting-edge scientific advancements with ancient spiritual wisdom. For Paula’s brand, we wanted a logo that felt down to earth and calming. Paula works with her clients in a multi-dimensional approach, and works best with those who are interested in how consciousness and embodiment impacts our physiological and psychological blueprint for health. Paula offers individual session and workshops.

Paula has over two decades of experience in the facilitation of embodiment, and her work traverses the complexity of the human experience through psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic pathways so that her clients can reconnect to the deeper wisdom of who they truly are.

For Paula’s website, we focused on providing detailed information on various methods she uses, including — Polyvagal theory, Biofield Science, Safe Sound Protocol and more. We also created a detailed resource library page with many recommendations that she and her clients find helpful.

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Website Features:

  • Brand and logo design
  • Full website design and development
  • Individual services pages
  • Resource pages 
  • Workshop and retreat pages
  • Contact form scheduler


“I feel that the new site is an authentic representation of my current work.”

“I feel that Carly is gifted in taking the essence of who you are and putting that into a website that adequately reflects you. Even though I was not entirely clear about my vision, her gentle nudge and guidance allowed me to dive deep into my own process and then allow her to work her magic to bring that process to life. I appreciate how Carly kept things organized and on track throughout the process. There were many factors moving around at the same time and she kept everything accurate, up to date, and well organized.

I have had nothing but excitement and appreciation from others who have reviewed my new site as they note that it really reflects who I am and what I am doing in the world. I feel that the new site is an authentic representation of my current work and I appreciate Carly’s creative support in brining my work to life on the web.”

– Paula Scatoloni

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