Micah Neese (founder of New Neese on Life) is a psychotherapist who helps her clients break free from patterns and beliefs that have been holding them back, and helps them move into a life lived with healed intention.

She also specializes in working with adults who have ADHD, as well as offering services that tap into her unique energetic gifts.

New Neese on Life has a team of providers who offer psychotherapy, ADHD assessments, therapeutic coaching, and energy sessions.

To start this project, we first created the new logo and branding. Oftentimes, living with unhealed patterns and limiting beliefs can feel like the elephant in the room when living life. You know it’s there but it’s hard to address. Micah and her team at New Neese on Life are able to help you examine those beliefs and instead turn that elephant into a reminder of the strength and confidence in your own life.

For the new website, we focused on creating an experience that brings attention to the core mission of New Neese on Life:

“Reconnect to who you are, break the cycle of old patterns, & step into new beliefs about yourself.”

We created services pages to showcase the ways clients can work with New Neese on Life:
+ Therapy
+ ADHD Assessments
+ Therapeutic Coaching
+ Energy Sessions

As well as a testimonial page, an incredibly helpful Resource page, workshops, methods, and more.

I am so excited for Micah and her team that their new website is out in the world. Micah puts her heart into the care she provides for her clients, and I know they love working with her.

You can explore the new website at:

(Lastly – they have a podcast in the works, and I KNOW it’s going to be great!! So keep an eye out for that!)


Highlighted features on the New Neese on Life Website:

  • Brand & Logo Design
  • Full Website Design & Development
  • Testimonial Pages
  • Contact Forms
  • Services Pages

So you’re ready for an amazing website you’ll love sending your clients to…

Here’s your next steps… Schedule a free strategy call with me, and over the phone I’ll answer all of your questions and make sure we are a good fit for each other. On that call, we will schedule your project timeline, and go over all the details. I can’t wait to help you bring your business to the next level with an aligned brand & website.