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It’s the start of 2021.
You and your business have grown so much throughout this past year.

Who you are as a business owner has evolved and upleveled since last January, and your old shell just doesn’t fit anymore.

Let’s take the time and space to reflect on your brand. Your brand is the foundation of your entire business. That brand foundation needs to feel good to you, and to be in alignment with who you are right now.

Your brand is not just logos, colors, and fonts. Your brand goes so much deeper. The visuals are only a small piece of all that your business has to offer.

Your brand creates that unexplained feeling a potential client gets when they interact with you that causes them to take action and work with you. Your brand is how you present yourself, your values as a business owner, your marketing channels, your design visuals, your messaging, your offers, and more.

When your brand is out of alignment with who you are now, you can feel that something’s off.

Join us January 18-22 for a week of daily alignment sessions, action plans, and accountability so that you can attract clients with clarity and confidence in 2021.

Brand Alignment Week gives you the guided and supported space to reconnect with your brand, align your business with who you are now, and to reflect and take inspired action in your business.

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What happens during Brand Alignment Week?

Each day of the challenge, you will receive a daily email with an Alignment Session Video, an Action Plan, and instructions for accountability and coaching opportunities. Throughout the week I will guide you to dive deep into your brand and take tangible steps to align with your brand and take inspired action. I provide a community where you can access others in the challenge and also have a chance to catch two additional live workshops during the week. There will also be a few surprises thrown in throughout the challenge, so keep an eye on your email & the Facebook group! Learn more about each of the pieces of the process below.

Alignment Sessions

Each day, I will guide you through a brand alignment session. This is a video lesson where you will be guided to really go deep and align to the foundations your business is built on. These sessions will be reflective and inspirational – think guided journaling, deep questions, and exercises to help you find clarity. Then, we will turn that aligned inspiration into action.

Action Plan Lesson

Have you ever had a breakthrough moment of clarity, but freeze up when it comes to taking action in your business? After the alignment sessions, the action plan lessons will give you tangible next steps and clarity on your next move. These build on the alignment sessions and give you the roadmap to take aligned action.


Brand Alignment Week is meant to be completed within community. I am here to support you and guide you. There are multiple opportunities for accountability: within our Facebook group and through email. You will have the chance to submit homework directly to me if you choose, and receive coaching and feedback throughout the week.

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Was Brand Alignment Week created for me & my business?

  • You are a female entrepreneur, who owns an online business.
  • You are a coach, strategist, or service provider. You are a business coach, marketing or mindset coach, you offer services (bookkeeping, marketing, design, etc.) to business owners, are a fitness coach, or a business strategist.

  • Being highly visible through social media and your website is how you usually find clients (or you wish it was).
  • You focus on creating incredible transformations for your clients through your business – in their business, health and/or overall life.
  • You know that you and your brand are intimately connected and you are always looking to improve yourself and your business.
  • You know something is a little off with your current brand and business, and are looking for guidance to re-align, and get set for the year.
  • You want your brand to magnetically attract the RIGHT clients for your business (and not just any clients).
  • You are ready to step into the next level of business, and want to make sure your brand reflects the experience and results you create for your clients.


Meet Carly Antor

Hi there, I’m Carly and after spending the past six years in marketing agencies and freelancing, I have seen exactly what works (and what doesn’t) for creating brands and websites that attract the right clients, so that you are able to consistently work with your dream clients. I am SO looking forward to getting to know you during our time together during Brand Alignment Week. I love helping coaches and entrepreneurs grow their businesses & can’t wait to see where you go from here!

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