Resources to help you run your business

These resources are my go-to’s for daily work in my business. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I use Honeybook for contracts, payments, and project tracking. It’s also where I organize leads, and store all my client information. Honeybook is one of my favorite tools in my business, you can always find it open in my tabs!

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ConvertKit is the best email marketing platform I’ve used (and trust me, I’ve used quite a few). I love the ability to jump right in and create emails with ease. ConvertKit also has segmented lists in the back-end which help me separate my audiences interests to serve them better.

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CloudApp is my go to video recording software. I use it for anything from recording quick notes for my clients or team, to creating instructional videos for my website. It’s easy to use, and all videos get uploaded straight to the cloud for easy sharing.

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