7 Questions To Ask Yourself
About Your Website

A few small tweaks to your site can make all the difference in attracting the right clients. Let’s do a mini website audit together. Put yourself in the eyes of your client, and ask yourself these 7 key questions as you review your own website:

1. When someone comes to my website, is it obvious what I do, and what services I offer?
When reviewing your website, take note if your services are mentioned on your homepage, and make sure it is crystal clear what you do for a living. If you are a personal trainer, for example, you would want to have that shown on your homepage and then content areas explaining how your ideal client can work with you.

2. Does my branding feel current and fit my current business services? Am I happy with the visuals and aesthetic feel of my website?
Go back to when you first launched your business or website. Has your brand evolved or changed? Has your branding changed with it?Really look at your website and evaluate your logos, colors, and other aesthetics of your website and ask yourself if they still feel right for the services you are offering.

3. Can my audience get to know me before we work together?
You want to be personal, especially if you are in a one to one service based business – like a personal trainer or nutritionist. Your potential clients want to work with you personally, and not just your service or product matters to them. For this reason, you want to include a photo of yourself, maybe a video explaining how you got started in your business and why you love to work with clients.

4. Are my services clearly explained with ways to get in contact with me to work together?
After someone reads about your services, and decides that they DO want to work with you – can they easily get in touch with you from that page? Make sure you have multiple ways to get in contact with you on your website, ideally near each service offering or program, there is an easy way to opt in or show interest in working with you.

5. Do I have a way to keep in touch with my website visitors – such as a newsletter sign up or email opt-in?
Sometimes visitors to your website aren’t quite ready to work with you, but they are still interested in learning more about what you offer. Do you have a newsletter they can subscribe to, or a free download they can use? There are generally multiple touch-points before a sale, and make sure that your website has those points of contact available.

6. Do I have a contact page with a form that is easy to fill out (& mobile friendly)?
More than half of website traffic is on mobile devices, and many visitors are likely coming in through your social media. It is so important that your contact form is able to be filled out on a phone.

7. When someone clicks the link in my Instagram bio, what do they see? Does this page show my latest links and services? 
What link is in your Instagram bio? Is it just your website homepage, or do you have a specific page on your website just for your recent links (hint: you should have a page for this!)? If you are using LinkTree, that’s a good start, but you should watch this video to see why using a page on your own website has so many advantages.

Now – while the majority of business is happening online – is the time to really think about your marketing and how you can work with your clients, even though you can’t be in person with them.

If you need help making these updates or have any questions, reach out to me, you know where to find me on Instagram (@designmyinfluence) or my website.