Branding Design for ML Fitness

Fitness Coaches: you’ve heard this before: Standing Out is KEY. Especially in this market, especially on Instagram.

But how?

A big part of that is branding. Branding is, at it’s core, your logo, color scheme, and fonts – but all of those graphic elements come together make someone FEEL something about your brand. It is so much more than just simple graphics.

The feeling a potential client gets from interacting with your brand can make you memorable, help them see you as an expert, and help build trust as you get to know them better. The right branding helps you attract your ideal clients.

I love helping fitness coaches become more attractive to their ideal clients by designing and creating their own personal branding.

This branding was created for Meika Lacey, who helps women build a sustainable healthy lifestyle to reach their fitness goals. She is killing it in the gym, & her clients are getting great results working with her!

If you have been wanting to step up your visibility on Instagram, let’s talk.