Working with Rahaf Khatib

Working one on one with my clients to create their website is the reason I love showing up for work each day, and I am always so grateful when my clients feel the same way about working with me!

A key benefit to having your own website is that you own this space. You aren’t competing with the constant scroll, other people’s posts, and notifications and messages popping up constantly. Facebook and Instagram are great tools, but they work best in tandem with your website. Not instead of it.

For Rahaf, we were able to take her presence on social media (she has nearly 25,000 followers on Instagram!) and organize all of her content, press releases, fundraising campaigns, and partnership opportunities clearly and concisely on her new website.
She named this as one of things she was most excited about: “I am most excited about having my website done professionally. It helps in having my work in one place instead of scattered all over my social media.”